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* Kruševo near Pljevlja - small, abstract, several brigades - https://pvportal.me/2016/06/cuvaju-slobodarsku-tradiciju/
* Kruševo near Pljevlja - small, abstract, several brigades - https://pvportal.me/2016/06/cuvaju-slobodarsku-tradiciju/
* Around Danilovgrad: https://volimdanilovgrad.home.blog/2019/02/20/spomenici-i-spomen-ploce-u-danilovgradu-mosori-bare-sumanovica-dolovi-kovacevica/
* Around Danilovgrad: https://volimdanilovgrad.home.blog/2019/02/20/spomenici-i-spomen-ploce-u-danilovgradu-mosori-bare-sumanovica-dolovi-kovacevica/
* Ravni Laz in Piperi - traditional. [https://www.aktuelno.me/crna-gora/polomljena-mermerna-ploca-na-spomeniku-na-ravnom-lazu-u-piperima/ article], [https://www.vijesti.me/vijesti/drustvo/436886/podgoricki-odbro-radnicke-partije-osudio-skrnavljenje-spomenika-na-ravnom-lazu article], [https://www.dan.co.me/?nivo=3&rubrika=Podgoricom&clanak=745365&datum=2020-05-20&najdatum=2020-05-25 article], [https://www.cdm.me/drustvo/zatvorske-kazne-za-one-koji-skrnave-spomenike/ article]
== Serbia ==
== Serbia ==

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Only hints, no research done yet

) All Partisan hospitals in Bosnia

Research in Progress

single hints

serial hints

  • http://lpbr-prnjavor.info/category/spomenik/ check for partisan ones
  • See also this fb group and this fb post
  • https://bangor.academia.edu/AndrewLawler and http://spomenicinob.info/ (on fb)
    • Vogosca
      • Krivoglavci - Monument to Victims of Fascist Terror, 1975, Strahinja Petrović - medium-sized, stone, traditional, minor. on the opposite bank of the River Bosna from Vogošća town centre
      • p17-18 - Semizovac - Busts of Ivo Lola and Jurica Ribar, expunged, pedestal remains, but repurposed (commemorates the manufacturing of the first light bulb)
    • Prnjavor - also check http://lpbr-prnjavor.info/category/spomenik/
      • Smrtići - Milinčići - Monument to fallen fighters - 1981 - possibly small one at the end? http://lpbr-prnjavor.info/smrtici/ (Đurići on Kobaška cesta?) - 90s Memorial
      • Prisoje - Close to train station Monument to NH Novak Pivašević - 1957 - Constructed by Youth Workers' Action group. Plaque destroyed, and monument in poor condition. 90s memorial
      • Kulaši - Approx. 70m south-east of elementary school - Collective grave of 5 unknown fighters - 1952 - Constructed by Youth Workers' Action group. In excellent condition
      • Gornja Mravica
        • In front of community hall - Monument to fallen fighters and Victims of Fascist Terror - 1973
        • Kljunica Brdo, Milanovića Voda - Monument to fallen fighters and Victims of Fascist Terror - 1976
      • Donji Galipovci - In front of Orthodox church - Monument to fallen fighters and Victims of Fascist Terror - 1974 - http://lpbr-prnjavor.info/donji-galjipovci/
      • Naseobina Lišnja
        • Between church and elementary school - Monument to fallen fighters and Victims of Fascist Terror - 1984 - integrated with newer memorial
        • Cemetery - Monument to fallen fighters - 1964
      • Lišnja - Next to village cemetery - Monument to fallen fighters - Identical to monument in Štrpci/
      • Potočani - possibly shown here ?
        • Village centre - Partisans' cemetery - Possibly established in 1958
        • Partisans' cemetery - Monument to fallen fighters and Victims of Fascist Terror - 1958
        • Partisans' cemetery - Monument to fallen fighters - 1966
    • Srbac
      • Srbac
        • Ul. Mome Vidovića bb. - Cemetery with 55 fallen Partisans & 22 fallen Polish fighters of the NOVJ - 1964
        • Monument to fallen fighters and Victims of Fascist Terror - Originally situated in town park, relocated after 2004. Monument to 1992-95 war added beside, in similar style.
        • Town cemetery - Ossuary and memorial for 13 Victims of Fascist Terror - 1976
      • Razboj Ljevčanski - Stegića Ada - Monument to Victims of Fascist Terror executed in March 1944 - 1987 - New memorial plaque added in 2012
      • Korovi - Monument to Victims of Fascist Terror - Monument to 1992-95 added beside in recent years
      • Vlaknica - Beside Srbac-Derventa main road Monument to the 1st Proleterian Brigade - 1954 - Restored 2019
      • Gornja Lepenica - Donji Srđevići - Monument to mark the place of death of Danko Mitrov - 1986 - In relatively poor condition
      • Rakovac - Motajica - Monument to mark the place of death of Zdravko Čelar - 1976 - Memorial plaque replaced after 2010
      • Nožičko - Village centre - Monument to Victims of Fascist Terror - Park around monument renovated in 2018. Well maintained and in good condition.
      • Mali Razboj - Village centre - Monument to fallen fighters and Victims of Fascist Terror - Commemorates 19 fallen fighters and 24 Victims of Fascist Terror. Restored after 1995
      • Gornji Kladari - Monument to fallen fighters and Victims of Fascist Terror - In poor condition as of 2019
    • Kotor Varoš
      • Kotor Varoš - Southern entrance to town centre - Memorial ossuary of 155 fallen fighters - 1965 - Nedžad Hotić - Plans to restore ossuary announced in 2019
      • Previle - Memorial ossuary of 21 fallen fighters
      • Tovladić - Rašče Brdo - Memorial ossuary of 9 fallen fighters and 11 Victims of Fascist Terror
      • Vrbanjci - Partisans' cemetery with 39 fallen fighters
      • Liplje - Kovačevići
        • Memorial fountain
        • Monument at place of death of 12 soldiers of the XII Slavonian Brigade - Reconstructed in 1987
      • Maslovare
        • Close to village centre - Partisans' cemetery with 62 fallen fighters - 1961 - Consists of collective grave and 44 individual burials
        • Village centre - Memorial fountain
      • Borci
        • Monument to commemorate site of Partisans' hospital in 1943
        • Memorial ossuary
      • Jelovka - Memorial fountain
      • Stopan - Monument to 37 fallen fighters of the V Kozara Brigade
      • Šiprage - Partisans' cemetery with 185 fallen fighters - 1961
      • Demička - Monument to commemorate site of Partisans' hospital in 1944 - 1978
      • Ćorkovići - Monument to commemorate site of Partisans' hospital - 1978
      • Kruševo Brdo - Monument to 20 fallen fighters
    • Kneževo
      • Kneževo - Town centre - Partisans' cemetery - 1954 - In relatively poor condition. Contained 60 fallen fighters and 2 Victims of Fascist Terror by early 1970s, 158 burials in total today. Restored 2010.
      • Borik - Canyon of river Ugar, next to Banja Luka - Knezevo road - Monument to the NOB - 1986
      • Djevojačka ravan - Monument to the Imljani Partisan Detachment
      • Imljani
        • Vidovište Partisans' Cemetery with 53 fighters from nearby hospital - 1967 - Sources vary as to whether cemetery contains 53 or 57 burials
        • Potkres Monument to the NOB
      • Donji Korićani - Communal grave of 107 partisans, 1 child, and 1 American pilot - 1961 - Renovated 2010
      • Petrovo Polje - Near Petrovo Polje elementary school - Memorial complex with 3 memorial plaques and fountain - 1983
      • Bastaji - Monument to 15 fallen fighters - 1986 - Possibly constructed 1985
      • Rađići - Vuk Karadžić elementary school Memorial fountain - 1982
      • Rapta - Čemernica mountain - Monument to mark the place of death of Hasan Kikić
      • Živinice - Close to Orthodox church - Memorial fountain to commemorate 10 fallen fighters - 1987
    • Šipovo
      • Šipovo
        • Left bank of pliva river, near petrol station - Monument commemorating site of mass execution of Victims of Fascist Terror
        • Town park Monument to Simo Šolaja - 1961 - I. Martinić
        • Cemetery with 52 fallen fighters and 1850 Victims of Fascist Terror - 1954
      • Kozila - Partisans' cemetery - 1954
      • Strojice - Cemetery with 16 Partisan fighters and 165 Victims of Fascist Terror
    • Jezero with pdf
      • Jezero - Partisans' cemetery - 1983 - Cemetery existed before 1964, but was redeveloped in 1983. Consists of white panels with names of fallen Partisan fighters and Victims of Fascist Terror
    • Kupres RS
      • Pribeljci - Kupreška canyon - Monument to Rosa Šebez - 1959 - Renovated 1997
      • Novo Selo (Kupres RS) - Between elementary school and municipality building - Monument to the NOB - Similar in style to Monument to the Liberators of Kupres. New plaque added in recent years
    • Mrkonjić Grad
      • see also:
      • Kasimovac
        • Left side of main road when leaving Mrkonjić Grad - Partisans' cemetery - 1967
        • Brdo - Monument to the NOB - 1954
      • Mrkonjić Grad - Svetog Save 1 - Spomen-dom ZAVNOBiH - 1973 - Zdravko Karačić - No longer functions as a memorial hall, but still functions as town's cultural centre.
      • Gustovara - Monument to the NOB - 1954
      • Šehovci - Monument to the NOB - 1958
      • Previle - Podorugla - Monument to the NOB - 1954
      • Podgorja
        • Ivovac - Monument to the NOB - 1948
        • Ivovac - Collective grave of Victims of Fascist Terror - 1950 - 82 Victims of Fascist Terror buried here
        • Zmijareva Kuća - Monument to the NOB - 1964
      • Mlinište
        • Fountain to commemorate place of start of First Proletarian Brigade offensive in May 1944 - 1954
        • Monument to the NOB - 1951
        • in front of former train station - Memorial train of the first Partisan train line - 1974 - Heavily rusted and not maintained. Although train pre-dates 1974, it was permanently located here then.
        • Beside 'Mali Raj' restaurant - Fountain to commemorate Tito' leading military operations from the village in September 1942 - Tap replaced in recent years
      • Štrbina - Monument to the NOB - 1956
      • Baraći - Monument to fallen fighters - 1954
      • Gerzovo - Štrbina - Memorial fountain to commemorate Uprising of 2nd August 1941
    • Ribnik
      • Sitnica - Petar Kočić elementary school - Partisans' cemetery
      • Gornji Ribnik
        • Monument to fallen fighters of the NOR - Monument commemorating 1992-95 war added
        • Monument to mark the original place of burial of Ivo Lola Ribar - 1973 - Ferhat Mulabegović
        • Partisans' cemetery with 59 fallen fighters - 1962 - Headstones inscribed 1963
      • Donji Vrbljani
        • Desanka Maksimović elementary school - Memorial complex
        • Smrč - Monument to Victims of Fascist Terror - Almost certainly created or heavily modified after 1995
      • Crkveno - Monument to fallen fighters of the NOB - Destroyed 1992-95, with new monument created in 2018 in church grounds
    • Petrovac
      • http://www.drinic.rs.ba/cirilica/runolist.htm - Memorial to a partisan hospital, "In World War II, in the heart of Klekovaca, there was a central partisan hospital. There is a crypt at the site (pictured left) in Jasikovac to commemorate the 226 soldiers who died in the hospital. In a part of Klekovača called Kuk, there is a memorial plaque for 65 civilians from Drinic and Bukovaca who were shot by fascists in 1943 (pictured right)." https://sh.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drinić "An improvised hospital with a capacity of over 600 beds was built in Klekovača at Jasikovac, which housed mostly typhoid patients. During the Fourth Offensive, the hospital was bombed by aircraft and ceased operations." (http://www.znaci.net/00003/684.pdf) "600-square-foot hospital is being built in Klekovača as a specialty hospital of the proletarian brigades". Pic here: https://turizamrs.org/en/drinic/, it's called Jasikovac, More info here: http://znaci.net/00001/256_11.pdf. Oral history: https://www.facebook.com/notes/pokret-za-stvaranje-nove-jugoslavije/d41d8cd9/202152826552994 Location (https://alemjag.wordpress.com/2013/01/14/prilog-historiji-bosanskopetrovackog-planinarskog-djelovanja/): The house in Jasikovac is located on the northern slopes of Velika Klekovača, not far from where the largest partisan hospital was located during the war, 800 meters west of the monument in Jasikovac. APPROACH: Pedestrian access: From Ostrelje via the former railway line to the Vrletina railway station (9 km) and then the old Jasice railway (4 km). Car access: From Ostrelje along the forest road through Lom to Vrletina (16 km), then the old Jasic railway. From Bos. Petrovac can be reached by car through Drinić (9 km asphalt) and then via forest road over Vrletina (24 km). EXCURSIONS AND TOURS: It takes 3.5 hours to reach the summit of Velika Klekovača, but the route has not yet been fully marked. The house is located an hour's walk from the Lomma rainforest, which can be reached by the sign of the "Partisan Doctors" transversal which ends at Ostrelje. There is some sort of structure, which might be the mountain hut, visible at 44.451169, 16.527139. Elevation is indeed ca. 1100m, distances seem to correspond, nearby is the spring of Jasikovacko Vrelo. The rest is forest road, and any structure is covered by trees.
      • Slatina - Monument to hospital of the Supreme Command
      • Jasikovac
        • Memorial ossuary with remains of 226 Partisans - 1969
        • Monument to Jasikovac Partisans' Hospital - Accidentally destroyed by forestry machinery post-2010
      • Klekovača - Kuk - Monument to 65 Victims of Fascist Terror from Drinić and Bukovača
      • Bukovača - Village centre - Monument to fallen fighters and Victims of Fascist Terror - 1990 - Memorial plaque to fallen fighters from 1992-95 war added
    • Istočni Drvar
      • Srnetica - Kuk - Monument at site of execution of 65 Victims of Fascist Terror in 1943
    • Oštra Luka
      • Budimlić Japra
        • Village centre - Monument to fallen fighters of the NOB - 1961 - Names of Muslim participants chiselled off monument prior to 2010
        • Village centre - Monument to Victims of Fascist Terror - 1960
    • Krupa na Uni
      • Gornji Bušević - Monument to Victims of Fascist Terror
      • Hašani - Elementary school - Monument to fallen fighters - Monument to 1992-95 war added beside between 2009 and 2015
    • Recheck Uglevik for this one at Ravno Polje
    • https://www.spomenicinob.info/foca - recheck:
      • Dragočava - Local cemetery - Monument to fallen fighters - Cemetery also contains burials of 6 fighters of the III Sandžak Brigade. In poor condition as of 2013
      • Humić - Partisans' cemetery with memorial
      • Tjentište - In the direction of Vratar - Monument to fallen fighters of the VI Lika Division
    • Bijeljina - not on spomenicinob? - bridge near Bistrika near Kudeljara - historical pic

Researched, no or too uncertain results


Single Hints

General Hints




Only hints, no research done yet

Research in Progress

Researched, inconclusive

  • List on sr.wikipedia.org
    • Beška - Spomenik žrtvama Fašizma - small, victims of fascism - nothing found on streetview on main street, no info on the web, might be in the outskirts?
    • Čoka - Spomen-kamen na mestu logora (no pic) - at the Čoka camp site where the concentration camp was located from 1941 to 1944 - no further info on the web, not on the concentration camp either, no pics. streetview available, but not knowing what to look for is hard. Maybe it was the Macahumka camp for political prisoners? There is a pic and some info here and it has its own gmaps entry as a "haunted house"(?!). But no pics of a memorial, and the house/site looks completely abandoned and in ruins
    • Irig (no pic) - Spomenik žrtvama fašizma - Monument to the victims of fascism, 33 Irižana killed by fascists in this place in August 1942. Location at 45.092641, 19.866322 according to this link, but no pics found on the web nor further info
    • Stražilovo, kod Sremskih Karlovaca - Spomenik palim borcima - small, traditional, fighters NOVJ, Nikola Vojnović and Lazar Radosavljević, killed in the battle against German soldiers on 25 August 1942 - exact location unknown, somewhere in the forest. Could be anywhere. No indications on gmaps, no further info on the web.
  • Forum vojvodina.cafe
    • Šajkaš (#18): memorial to pilots fighting early WWII. Most probably Vilovo - Spomen Obeležje Poginulim Pilotima Kraljevine Jugoslavije, since it is supposedly on the road between Novi Sad and Titel: The monument is opposite Gardinovci, near where the road and railroad cross.. There is also a plaque on the church "The brave Yugoslav airmen were found by the villagers the next day and buried next to the church in the village of Šajkaš"
    • Jarak (no further info) #87 - probably Jarak - Spomen Fontana Zahvalnosti Šapčana
    • Partizanko Put in Fruska Gora(#38, 39, 40), see also serbian wikipedia - The construction of the more modern road, called the Partisan Road, took place from the mid-1950s until the end of the 1970s. At the same time, it was a road - a road and a monument. The entire length of the road is marked by: granite cubes with the same text (when it comes to the places where individual units or some of the events were located), identical graves or tombstones ... Obviously, parts of the same monument were conceived.
    • Neštin (#44) - the post also mentions a corresponding memorial on the Bačka Palanka side of the river: On the Bačka side, by the road from Backa Palanka to Novi Sad, 2-3 km. from the exit from Palanka and near the Poloj forest, it is a monument in the stylized form of a boat that commemorates the same - the trans-Danube partisan connection of Backa and Srem. On the pages of the main monument are plaques with the names of the victims of fascism and fighters. Nothing visible with streetview along the main road. There is a Motel Poloj east of the town.
  • Forum vojvodina.cafe
    • Prhovo (#81) - The memorial in Prhovo is actually a small complex consisting of a monument with a sculpture by Jovan Soldatović, a bust of Voje Jovanović - Tome, all in front of the village Memorial Reading Room. A house with a memorial pole that says that the first pedagogical counseling for teachers - partisans - was held near the memorial. Nothing indicated on gmaps. There is a school opposite the church, but unclear if this building houses the Memorial Reading Room. Only pics available of the center show a metal cross and a bassin. Only one mentioning of the memorial room, but no indications of its location. The village is rather small though.
    • road Šajkaš - Mošorin (#83) - The monument at the site of the death of partisan and national heroe Ilije Nešin is located by the road Šajkaš - Mošorin, at the foot of Titelski breg. I knew about the monument earlier, but I didn't 'find' it to paint it until the flight path was extended in 2012. It looks like the bush near the road has until recently hidden the monument from view - norhing visible on gmaps. Likely coords along the road out of Mošorin along the ridge of Titelski Breg, starting at 45.294154, 20.153897. No info on the web either, shape & size therefore unknown.
  • istorijskiikulturnispomeniciod1945do1975.pdf, pg 16-19
    • "Both sites where the first companies of the Uzice Partisan Detachment were established in July 1941 are marked with monuments. The monument at the site of the formation of the company "Radoje Maric" is located on one bank in Tatinec above Tito's Uzice, and on the spot where the company "Milos Markovic" was formed on the same day in Jasikovac on Jelova Gora, a monument was erected on July 27, 1969. rail rails, seven feet high." (pg 15) - The first Uzice company "Radoje Maric" was founded on July 28, 1941 on the Tatinac hill above Uzice in the presence of instructor Mijalkovic. This company numbered about 22 fighters on the day of its establishment. At the beginning of August, she made several diversions in the vicinity of Uzice and then retreated to the campsite southeast of Uzice, on the hill Drežnička gradina. By then, the company had already grown to about 40 fighters. (https://sr.wikipedia.org/sr-el/%D0%9C%D0%B8%D0%BB%D0%B0%D0%BD_%D0%9C%D0%B8%D1%98%D0%B0%D0%BB%D0%BA%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B8%D1%9B) -
      • There is a bus stop called Tatinac in a small village NE of Uzice at 43.872691,19.862748, and yes, there's a hill. There is also a road called Tatinac at 43.864177,19.850029 in Uzice itself. also a hilly location.Neither location shows a structure corresponding with a 7 feet monument, but there's lots of trees. Ca. 2km between the two locations.
      • Trivial, traditional, estimated - There is a mountain peak called Jelova Gora not far from Kadinajaca. One pic shows a small traditional memorial at a sharp turn a gravel forest road which might correspond with coords 43.945468, 19.762053
    • Not found with streetview along the main road from Bela Zemlja to Uzice - On the road that goes from Tito's Uzice to Zlatibor, on Bela Zemlja, there is a metal monument, which marks the partisan column.
    • Not found with streetview along the main road from Bela Zemlja to Uzice - On the Zlatibor road are monuments marking the places where on November 29, 1941, when departing from Uzice, national heroes Dragojlo Dudić and Želimir Đurić were killed. (pic on page 16)
    • Estimated,very small village - shape/size unknown, probably traditional/trivial - Volujac. - There is a memorial fountain in front of the cooperative shop, with the names of 21 fighters and victims. Pic on page 17. A bigger building in the center of the village is located at 43.894908,19.770955. Nothing really visible on gmaps.
    • Exact location unknown, probably small/traditional - There is a neighbourhood in Uzice called Krčagovo - There is a memorial fountain on Medina Hill with the names of 17 missing soldiers and war victims. There is a foresty hill with a barracks. Nothing indicated on gmaps about the memorial.
    • Location probably found, shape/size unknown - Krvavci - In front of the new school building is a memorial park with a complex of monuments, which lists the names of 51 fighters, including three national heroes, and 58 victims of fascist terror from this and neighboring villages. The school is marked on gmaps. There is a park in front of it at 43.817113, 19.922639, but it has lots of trees, so shape & size of the eemorials are still unknown.
    • Location unknown, village is very widespread, no clear distinguisible center Traditional/Minor/Neglected - Ribaševina. - At the intersection in the center of the town is a monument to the fighters of the revolution. Pic from gmaps. Possible candidate for the "intersection" is at 43.940777, 19.870219.
    • Location unknown, shape/size unknown, widespread village - Ravni - Memorial - A plaque on the co-operative home contains 47 names of killed soldiers and war victims. Special memorials were erected in places where Chetniks committed atrocities in two instances. Few bigger buildings around 43.721128, 19.879118, this might be the center? Or maybe here? 43.734301, 19.909740