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Basic Info

Spomen Kosturnica
Suvo Polje
Municipality of Bijeljina
(Republika Srpska, Bosnia)

Coords: 44.704401,19.135993

Size: ca. 1.5m tall
Main Material: Stone
Designer:  ??

Trivial Point of Interest
Built in before 1968
Style: Traditional

Main Reference:

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  • Unclear if it still exists
  • Exact location roughly estimated "Jabanuša". No indications of the memorial on any map tool. According to this source, the hamlet Jabanuša is located around 44.703900,19.168100, but there are no buildings visible. According to this source, Jabanuša is an alternative name for the hamlet of Živanovići, around 44.704401,19.135993, which seems more likely. There is also an old train station (see this forum post). According to this local newspaper, the hamlet of Jabanuša is located not far from the bridge between Suvo Polje and Donji Zagoni.

Physical aspects: Objects, Style, Shape & Materials


Table of separate objects of Suvo Polje - Spomen Kosturnica
Image Name Description Size Condition Main Material Notes
Main Object Grey stone ossuary with a star on top and an engraved star as well as an inscription ca. 1.5m tall ?? Stone Unclear if it still exists

Style & Shape


Materials of Suvo Polje - Spomen Kosturnica
  • Stone

Location & Directions

Location & Directions
Coords: 44.704401,19.135993

Location roughly estimated "Jabanuša". Coords refer to the center of the hamlet of Živanovići, which is an alternative name for Jabanuša

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History and Background


Design, build and condition

Phases in the existence of Suvo Polje - Spomen Kosturnica
Year/Period Exact Date Event/Use Notes
Before 1968 built
?? ??


Gallery of Suvo Polje - Spomen Kosturnica

References, links & further reading