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Basic Info

Spomenik Palim Borcima
, Bosnia)

Coords: 43.022538,18.020450

Size: ca. 2.5m tall
Main Material: Stone
Designer:  ??

Trivial Point of Interest
Built in 1972
Condition: Ruined
Style: Traditional

Main Reference:

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  • Heavily damaged

Physical aspects: Objects, Style, Shape & Materials


Table of separate objects of Žegulja - Spomenik NOB
Image Name Description Size Condition Main Material Notes
Main Object Tapering yellow stone pillar. All engraved plaques are gone and the object itself is crumbling ca. 2.5m tall Ruined Stone

Style & Shape


Materials of Žegulja - Spomenik NOB
  • Stone

Location & Directions

Location & Directions
Coords: 43.022538,18.020450

Next to the main road, close to some ruined buildings (Zadružni Dom)

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History and Background


Design, build and condition

Phases in the existence of Žegulja - Spomenik NOB
Year/Period Exact Date Event/Use Notes
1972 built
?? ??


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