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A wiki for the research on partisan memorials in former Yugoslavia


This site is meant to gather information and research anything with the partisan memorials in former Yugoslavia (also known as "Spomenici"). Here, anyone with an account can upload information about these monuments.

Background is, that there are several existing sites documenting these memorials. However, there seems to be no central place for exchanging that information, and helping each other to get a more complete view.

The nice thing about a wiki is

  1. anyone with an account can contribute and make a page,
  2. you can crosslink between spomenici, locations, history, designers and so on.

It is still under construction (we call it "open beta" for now), and many features don't function optimally (because we need to fine-tune the wiki).
So-called templates (a sort of wiki-forms you can "fill in") have been created so starting up a page is more easy.

Background info and some Links

As mentioned above, there are already quite a few sites and forums dedicated to these monuments. The owner of this wiki started getting interested in them a few years ago and tried to summarize her research and personal visits on a googlemaps. At this point in time, with more than 2,000 entries, that map got way beyond control.
The map can be found here:
Research Map

This wiki is trying to present the results of this research in another, more easy to browse, form. For an overview, see

Important sites where the info was found:

Note: Already in 1961 14,402 monuments were erected in former Yugoslavia! (source: "To Share or to keep" /

Finding Info

For extensive information on navigating this wiki & searching, see Help:Searching

Using the search function

well.. hopefully self-explanatory.
You find the search button either on top of the left side bar (if you have no account yet or use the default skin), or for example top right if you set your preferences to the "vector" skin (when you have an account, click "Preferences" - "Appearance" - "Skin")

Using Categories

All the pages on this wiki should have at least one category (a sort of "tag") and you can use the overview pages of these categories to find someone or something. The overview pages are sorted alphabetically.

Main Categories of pages are

  • Spomenik: guess, those monuments. There are several subcategories to make browsing more easy, such location, importance/size, style, material and so on
  • Designer: Pages for designers of the monuments
  • History: Important events or persona which had a huge impact
  • Reference: Lists of external sources where info on the monuments can be found, and/or to be used as references. This includes links, books, old maps, anything.

To see what categories there are on this wiki, see Overview of Categories

More categories of pages can be added if necessary.

Contributing to this wiki

Create an account

For extensive help on accounts, see Help:Account

For now, if you want to join, and create a page for a spomenik, designer, or if you want to contribute to exising pages, create an account (see menu top right corner) and start working from there.

  • It's not a bad idea to take a look at your preferences, and change them as you see fit (for example your time format, or your preferred "skin" (basic look for the wiki)
  • you can also
    • create a personal user page for yourself, where you can add some basic stuff for you as a user (just click on your user name top right corner, if you haven't created that page, it will be red-linked),
    • create a "talk" page so people can leave you messages (see for example User talk:Knoken), or
    • a subpage called username/Sandbox to play around with wiki code (see User:Knoken/Sandbox for an example)

Creating a page

For extensive help on creating a page, see Help:Pages

To create a page, you can either:

  • search for the name of the wanted page. If it doesn't exist (yet), the wiki will ask you if you want to create that page.
  • create a link with the name of the page somewhere, for example on your user page (top right corner, your login name).
    • On your user page (click "edit") you type:
  • and save it. Click on the red link, and an empty page will open. You can use (part of) the templates to fill your page, or just type away happily.

Making a Page

For extensive help on making a page, see Help:Pages

We have made "templates" to make creating a page easy. Templates are simply-looking forms with (sometimes quite extensive) code behind it to make getting info in more easy and to have some basic lay-out.

Mediawiki already has an extensive guide to help you create pages, to lay-out them or how to use images, tables, markup codes and such (

For any questions or feedback, you can contact an admin here : User talk:Knoken

Uploading and Using Images

For more help on images, see Help:Images

To use images:

  • upload some to the wiki, either by using the tool in the left sidebar, or using Special:Upload
  • In a template, put the name of the image instead of the default "Default.jpg"
    • For now, it seems only jpg- and png-format work
  • External links to images on other websites don't work, they show up as links and not as images.
  • to make an image show up, type on your page:
  • for more ideas about how to make a nice layout for your images if you don't use the templates, see Image help on Media Wiki


This Wiki currently contains 3,056 articles and 5,231 image files.