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Basic Info

Partizansko Groblje
Municipality of Doboj
(Republika Srpska, Bosnia)

Coords: 44.717651,18.112951

Size: ca. 50m2
Main Material: Stone
Designer:  ??

Trivial Point of Interest
Built in 1950
Condition: good
Style: Traditional

Main Reference:

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Physical aspects: Objects, Style, Shape & Materials


Table of separate objects of Lipac - Partizansko Groblje
Image Name Description Size Condition Main Material Notes
Ossuary Ossuary of grey cemented roughly hewn blocks with an embedded engraved black plaque. On the roof of the ossuary, a tapering obelisk with a grey embedded plaque and a red star in relief is placed ca. 3m tall good Stone
Grave markers Dozens of rectangular tilted black engraved markers <1m tall good Stone

Style & Shape


Materials of Lipac - Partizansko Groblje
  • Stone
  • Cemented stone blocks

Location & Directions

Location & Directions
Coords: 44.717651,18.112951

On the premises of the elementary school

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  • Note: Visible if you know what to look for, but not marked, on gmaps. The school is marked
  • No streetview available

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History and Background


Design, build and condition

Phases in the existence of Lipac - Partizansko Groblje
Year/Period Exact Date Event/Use Notes
1950 built
?? ??


Gallery of Lipac - Partizansko Groblje

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