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About me and why this wiki

In 2014, during one of my many hiking trips in Bosnia, Montenegro & Serbia, I bumped into my first bigger "Spomenici": the Spomen Dom in Kolasin, Montenegro and of course the big one, in Tjentiste, Bosnia.
This was the start of yearly visits.. not just to enjoy the nature and the mountains, but exploring and researching these monuments.

I am NOT a good photographer. Cheap camera. And so on. And pretty bad at sorting. So I just dumped all pics in this album on Flickr:

For some overview of what I'm trying to find, see this map,18.20216817826531&z=7
Here I gathered the info I found on the web, "borrowed" - with a reference to the sites where I found them - the pics, If I visited them, I put in some of my own pics.

Still researching, still traveling, still looking.
And since I do it all without a car, but with public transport, hitchhiking and my own two feet, it is sometimes not that easy :)