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This Template is made so you can easily add info for a spomenik page.

Creating a page

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Using the "template" below

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  • See Sutjeska - Memorial Complex for an example of a page made with this template (note: because this wiki does not have all its extensions yet, some templates look messed up for now. It will be alright)


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= Basic Info =
 |        Name  = 
 |    Location  = 
 | Municipality = 
 | Adm. Entity  = 
 |     Country  = 
 |      Coords  = 
 |       Image  = Image.jpg
 |        Size  = 
 |    Material  = (main material only)
 |       Style  = Brutalism/Abstract/Humanoid
 |   Condition  = (for example neglected/renovated/expunged)
 |    Designer  = 
 |       Built  = (year)
 | Interesting  = Major/Medium/Minor/Trivial
 |   Reference  = (external link with most info)
== Notes ==

= Physical aspects: Objects, Style, Shape & Materials =
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== Materials ==
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= Location & Directions =
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= History and Background =
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== Commemoration ==
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== Design, build and condition ==
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= References, links & further reading =
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How it will look

RedStar.png BigSpomenik in Town RedStar.png

General Info


Coords: 44.263450,19.880018

Size: ca. 10m
Main Material:  ??
Designer:  ??

Built in 19xx
Condition: neglected

Main Reference:

Loading map...


Physical aspects: Objects, Style, Shape & Materials

The monument consists of a main object, and several smaller ones surrounding it. For the spomen dom, see this subpage: (link to subpage)


Table of separate objects of Spomenik Template
Image Name Description Size Condition Main Material Notes
Spomen Dom museum building ca. 20m2 abandoned brick see separate subpage here:
Main Object huges slender pillar ca.10m high slightly neglected concrete newly painted, but already moss is growing on the object itself
Commemorative plaque ca. 2m weathered granite and marble at the entrance of the site. Inscription barely readable
Stepping stones small stones near the main element ca. 50cm overgrown ?? ca. 20 stepping stones leading towards the main object
Statue multiple statues on top of the pillar ca 30cm mostly destroyed bronze only the feet remain the rest was stolen?

Style & Shape

The monument is rather abstract, and can be considered a good example of Brutalism. The statues are stylized, humanoid shapes. Part of the carvings on the stone parts seem to have more organic forms.


Bulleted List
Materials of Spomenik Template
  • Concrete
  • Granite
  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Bronze

Sortable Table
Object Material Condition Notes
Main Object Concrete Neglected
Main Object Steel plates weathered partly disappeared
Plaque Marble Neglected with inscription
Statue Bronze Vandalized only the feet remain
Ornaments Bronze gone probably stolen?


Location & Directions
Coords: 44.263450,19.880018

The monument is located in the memorial park in the center of the village near the school. There is a busstop nearby, but the bus from (Bigger Town X) only goes once a day.

* Nearby locations (external)
* Googlemaps Satellite View (external)
  • Note: The monument can be clearly spotted and has a seperate entry on googlemaps. Streetview confirms the location of the monument

Loading map...


  • Nearby are several other monuments commemorating different wars
  • in the same town, there are other monuments commemorating WWII:
    • Monument (wikilink) on the local cemetery
    • Monument (wikilink) on the road east of the village

History and Background


The monument commemorates the Battle at X, where so many partisans held their last stand until, and then this happened. For an overview of the important events see this general page on the battle, or this external link which gives a nice overview

Design, build and condition

The monument was designed by Designer X in 19xx, but wasn't finished until 19xx. During the more recent war it was mined and almost completely destroyed, It was renovated in 19xx.

Phases in the existence of Spomenik Template
Year/Period Exact Date Event/Use Notes
1956 xx.xx.19xx Design by designer
1960 xx.xx.19xx Building finished
1960 - 1990 Tourist attraction used as a place to relax by many of the locals
1993 xx.xx.19xx Mined by xx forces/dynamite
2015 xx.xx.20xx renovated funding by locals. some parts could not be restored


Current state

Some Text
Other Text
Very long story to get along with the image which will be wrapped up a bit to fit under the image
something more


Historical pictures

Building of the monument around 19xx, picture with kind permission of
Finished monument, taken in 19xx, picture with kind permission of
Monument in neglected state, picture taken in 20xx
Monument after renovation, picture from wikimedia commons.

References, links & furter reading