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  • Note: You can also search by Municipality or Administrative Entities. such as the Districts of Serbia
  • Entries are summarized on the embedded maps below for easy searching.
  • Markers hold a link to the wiki page.
    • Red markers = Major PoI, orange= Medium PoI, yellow= Minor PoI, grey= Trivial PoI or Other
    • Question Marks: Missing essential info (see also the map below), stars: visited by author, usually means there's pics :)
  • Note that this is manual labor, and might not represent the latest entries.
  • The maps are sorted to "region" and the markers for the memorials displayed in each country.[1].
  • The density does not represent the actual density, but more the time & effort certain people took to document them & put them on the net.

Center: Bosnia & Herzegovina

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Center West Croatia

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North East: Serbia

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South East: Macedonia, Montenegro & Kosovo

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North West: Slovenia

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Missing Info Map

Entries with missing info, such as missing or only roughly estimated location, unclear if WWII, missing picture material and so on.
See Category:Missing Info and its subcategories

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  1. Author is very much aware of the "Kosovo" situation. The choice was made to order the maps to region, since this "fitted" the geographics the best.

Other PoIs

Man-Made PoIs

  • Includes ruins, monuments definitively not WWII-related, historical stuff not WWII-related, strange architecture, and so on.
    • Red/Orange/Yellow/Grey: Monuments not WWII-related. from major to trivial
    • Black: Architecture - mostly referring to the typical communist era architecture, includes bus and railway stations, (former) official buildings,
    • Greenish: Ruins
    • Brown: (older) historical POI including forts, bridges and so on
    • White/black: Cemeteries
    • Purple: Art & Musea, Musea and objects, such as statues or abstract stuff, and other smaller objects such as fountains, which are not monuments

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