Gradiška - Monument to the Victims of Fascist Terror

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Basic Info

Spomenik Ustanak
Municipality of Gradiška
(Republika Srpska, Bosnia)

Coords: 45.146595,17.249264

Size: ca 3m diameter, 2m high
Main Material: Stone
Designer: Boro Prpoš

Medium Point of Interest
Built in 1982
Condition: neglected
Style: Abstract

Main Reference:

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  • Named Spomenik "Ustanak" on the city's website, "Monument to the Victims of Fascist Terror" according to the online paper. Info mostly from the city's website. It is unclear if these are two monuments with very similar design and both located in the park, or two different monuments.
  • There are also several busts of National Heroes in the park according to a forumpost

Physical aspects: Objects, Style, Shape & Materials


Table of separate objects of Gradiška - Monument to the Victims of Fascist Terror
Image Name Description Size Condition Main Material Notes
Main Object Oval carved slab on a "mount" of small white marble bricks ca. 3m diameter, 2m tall fair Stone often vandalized

Style & Shape


Materials of Gradiška - Monument to the Victims of Fascist Terror
  • Stone
  • Marble

Location & Directions

Location & Directions
Coords: 45.146595,17.249264

in Gradski Park. There are however, two Gradski Parks in Gradiska according to googlemaps. The choice has been made to chose the one near the center, with more trees, which looks older. This corresponds with the more foresty looking surrounding and the buildings in the pictures. Also openstreetmaps names this one "Gradski Park" and the more open one "Stanica"

* Nearby locations (external)
* Googlemaps Satellite View (external)
  • Note: Satellite view has no clear view on the monument. it might be the one on the open space near the building on the SE side? Seperate entry for the most foresty park holds no pics, however, one pic on the general page shows the memorial and points to above coords
  • No streetview available

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History and Background

The author of the Memorial "Ustanak" is the famous city painter Boro Prpoš who was himself a participant in the fighting.


Design, build and condition

Phases in the existence of Gradiška - Monument to the Victims of Fascist Terror
Year/Period Exact Date Event/Use Notes
1982 built
?? ??


Gallery of Gradiška - Monument to the Victims of Fascist Terror

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