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All the pages on this wiki should have at least one category (a sort of "tag") and you can use the overview pages of these categories to find someone or something. The overview pages are sorted alphabetically.

Content Categories

Main Categories
  • Spomenici: guess, the main object of this wiki. So yep, this is about the object itself

This category is the most complex, and divided in several subcategories

    • Location - for now, the choice has been made to divide into the states whch
    • Size/Interesting - this is partly very subjective.
      • Major PoI - huge, or complex (multiple objects) sites
      • Medium PoI - Medium-sized, or small with unusual design
      • Minor PoI - smaller stuff, but still slightly different. This also includes quite a few destroyed memorials
      • Trivial PoI - your standard plaque on a building, small standard memorials like you find in almost any village center. Not to deny their historical importance, but there are just so many of them...
    • Material - of course, you can add multiple categories, but there is no need to include every single material used.
    • Style
      • Brutalism - the abstract, usually huge, often concrete, memorials
      • Abstract - abstract, but not really definable as brutalist
      • Humanoid - statues, reliefs with human figures and so on
      • Organic - flower- or tree-shaped, images of animals and the like
      • Traditional - many of the smaller memorials follow traditional, more common, designs
    • Condition
      • Good
      • Fair
      • Renovated - they have been (recently) renewed, rehabilitated or repainted. This might also imply the original design has been truly overhauled
      • Neglected - usually in a poor condition, parts are missing, graffiti and/or vandalism, or nature is taking over. But at least they still exist.
      • Ruined - they lay in ruins and/or essential parts are destroyed, but they still exist.
      • Expunged - they are gone, or almost completely gone. Sometimes, some elements can still be found, but the main ones are gone.
Other content-categories
  • Designer - for the more important designers of the memorials
  • History
  • Location - for locations with more than one memorial/Point of Interest. Locations with 3 or more PoIs also have a map where they are located.
  • Other PoI
    • Man-Made PoI - Other points of interests, made by humanity, which are not a monument or WWII-related
      • Monument - sometimes, it turns out a memorial might not be WWII-related, or it is unclear if it is WWII-related.
      • Ruin - the object is not so much a memorial, but it is historical interesting site, such as abandoned buildings
      • Architecture - buildings with "interesting" - for example brutalist or very communist area - design, which are not memorials or lie in ruins. This includes bus- and railway stations, (former) governmental buildings but also domestic buildings.
      • Historical POI - list of older (pre 20th century) historical objects. This includes fortress, bridges and so on.
      • Cemeteries - cemeteries, which might contain memorials or might indicate other historical importance. Or not and are just beautiful
      • Art - (collections of) outdoor art objects, which are not memorials, but still are considered "interesting"
Special Categories

There are also "special categories" for content

  • Column for blog-like entries. If you write a column, please put it on a subpage of your main page
  • Reference - fpr description/display of references (books, maps, audio- and video-material) which might not always be found online.
  • Trivia for small entries. Use sparingly: when only one page refers to it, a footnote or a reference might be a better tool. Often it's a good idea to make a subpage (for example, a subpage of a History page when it only refers to for example a historical figure or event
  • Missing Essential Info - these are pages where essential information is missing such as exact location, unclear if WWII-related, shape and form unknown
  • Disambiguation: when a search string might render multiple results, this might help finding the right one. In many cases, this category holds Locations with more than one memorial, or places with the same name, but different location.
  • Stub - Pages with no, or hardly any info, usually like a placeholder, where info should be added later
  • In Progress - Pages on which someone is currently working, so it might be wise not to edit them (yet)

Media & Images

Uploaded files can be found on the "Special Page" Special:ListFiles. Recently uploaded files on the special page Special:NewFiles

"Special" Pages

Wiki-related Categories
  • Help - Guess... Pages with general info or to help you create pages
  • Wiki Templates - Templates are a sort of "forms" to make it easy to fill the wiki (sometimes with quite extensive code behind them)
  • Broken Links - Pages which have links to other pages or images which do not function

To see what categories there are on this wiki, see Overview of Categories, also linked in the left sidebar.

We will add more categories of pages if necessary.