Arsić-Basara, Svetomir

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Svetomir Arsić-Basara
Sculptor and storyteller (Serbia)
Sevce, 15.05.1928 - Belgrade,


  • In 1948 he enrolled in the School of Applied Arts in Niš. In 1953 he was admitted to the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade, where he graduated in March 1958.
  • Teacher at the Higher Pedagogical School in Pristina where he taught teaching and methodology of fine arts since 1962. Since 1973 he taught at the Department of Sculpture at the Academy of Arts in Pristina, all until 1995 when he retired.
  • lives and works in Belgrade.


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  • has participated in numerous collective exhibitions in the country and abroad.

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  • Other memorials and works
    • 1998 Reliefs by prof. Vojislav Dančetović, PhD and Academician Vuk Filipović, Vushtrri; Bust of Simeon Nemanja, Institute for Serbian Culture, Pristina
    • 2000 Monument to Saint Sava, Leposavic
    • 2005 Bust of Vuk Karadzic, Institute of Slavic Studies, Vienna
    • 2005 Bust of Slobodan Jovanovic, Faculty of Law, Belgrade